Jurgen Charge

Droid Charge aka Spannhaken aka Jurgen Charge:  industrial-inspired machine-core techno outfit rigorously delivers the most demanding metal-tech psychic-stamina experiments.


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Droid Charge - Dance, or be pulverized by a fleet of star cruisers.

Fuck everything.

Encapsulating noise, hardcore dance music, listening apparatus brutality, brilliant accidents of software-generated expulsions, Droid Charge was dedicated to blatant, caustic machine expressions, the simplest of musical gestures, clone non-music for a non-audience devoid of aesthetics and empathy.

All of this juicy, abstract, art-wank genius was repurposed and rebranded into the project Spannhaken no thanks to Samsung’s stupid phone and blatant disregard for my use of that name. Spannhaken is the most impossible name for the English-speaking mouth to say and will invariably become yet another name, but such is the nature of software-generated expulsions. It’s not impossible that Droid Charge will return to its former glory now that the Samsung phone moment has passed. The question is whether an army of audio bots can conquer the jetsam of the telecommunications media parade – one would think so. Droid Charge is now a fierce hunter of all machines in the Samsung universe. Dance, or be pulverized by a fleet of star cruisers.

The official web site for Spannhaken was just wobbling onto its freshly oiled legs when it was hijacked by a wintery band of peppermint Chinese railway engineers. This leaves us with very little photoshopping frolic, other than a few lonely iTunes and CD Baby outposts.

There are a staggering number of Droid Charge sessions waiting to put knives in ears – they will be edited and mastered as time allows.

To make matters worse, Droid Charge will soon undergo another name shift, to Jurgen Charge.  Whereas Droids belong to Lucas/Disney and Samsung… Jurgen, well, Jurgen is my father.  (No, for real.  I’m actually Karl Jürgensen Mohr because I’m the son of Jürgen.)

Previous Albums

2006 – Stamina Music


Droid Charge at Velvet Underground on 2010/02/20
Spannhaken Mutant K7 Vortex as YouTube playlist