Rex Ramsa triptych - large format printing by Erik Mohr

Rex Ramsa

Rex Ramsa is an industrial-inspired hard techno project rigorously delivering the most demanding metal-tech psychic-stamina experiments.



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No Limits Human Auditory Endurance

Encapsulating soulless abstract art techno, noise and hardcore dance music, Rex Ramsa is dedicated to blatant, caustic, mechanical expressions: clone non-music for a non-audience devoid of aesthetics and empathy.

With a specific focus on driving human biorhythms into accelerated states using tempo manipulation and sonic bombardment, this fracas can induce heightened physical effects and anxiety. For fans of: hard hypnotic schranz, extreme electronic, rhythmic noise and the UK dark techno scene.

See the full post on the debut release, Stamina Charge.

Previous Albums

2007 – Stamina Music as Droid Charge

Upcoming Albums – the Future

There are many additional Rex Ramsa sessions amounting to six additional planned releases – editing and mastering are underway. Technical developments and Droid Charge 2.0 creative process started around 2010 with massive output from 2011 to 2013. The last of these planned albums incorporates material from Istvan Kantor.

The upcoming albums are high-speed techno mayhem for version 2.0 of Rex Ramsa – music for droids and the humans who love them. These likely won’t emerge until towards the end of 2019 – unless a turbo boost happens on Dead Red Velvet activity in the meantime. These latter albums are much faster, more dancefloor-oriented and less full-scale noisy than Stamina Charge. Human endurance remains a theme.


Droid Charge performing at Velvet Underground on 2010/02/20 in the early Traktor development days.

Droid Charge - Velvet Underground title card
Droid Charge – Velvet Underground title card