Magic Christmas

Magic Christmas 2018

Cut to the chase: Download Karl Mohr’s Magic Christmas!


Dear Tape Lifers,

It’s that strange holiday time on planet Earth soon again – the older I get, the more the Pagan and Indigenous traditions make sense to me, and the more the organized religions of the world seem entirely bonkers. Alas, we gather by the fire at this time with a cup of something cozy and reflect with those we love.

Please allow my good friend Ian Revell (of Double Eyelid) to announce my surprise classic hit album, Magic Christmas; this 2018 Edition includes a new Easter Egg:

“Just in time for Christmas, Karl Mohr has decided to give everyone a present by making his classic holiday-themed album Magic Christmas available again as a free download.

Celebrating its 16th anniversary in 2018, this is a truly one-of-a-kind album. It’s Karl’s take on a number of Christmas classics, with a few obscurities and some French Canadian content to boot. It’s absolutely bent… yet oddly, stays respectful to the spirit of Christmas throughout.

And for the last 15 years or so, it hasn’t really been Christmas at my house until this album gets played.

Karl originally released this on CD; those are long out of print which I think is a shame – I’ve given a few of them as gifts and they were warmly appreciated. Consider this his gift to you!”

Grab the next soundtrack to your Christmas here:

Download Karl Mohr’s Magic Christmas!

NOTE: the link goes to a zip file, so if you’re on your mobile, this isn’t ‘click and play’ – download the free album to your computer using your web browser and then open it in iTunes or whatever you use to listen to music.

If you enjoy the album, you can check out more of Karl Mohr’s music on Bandcamp.

Thanks again for your support over the past year. I’m so excited that many more releases are coming in 2019.

Happy holidays everyone!